The lipstick comes in a large number of colours and shades these days. And being a lover of trying out different shades of lipstick you must know how it important it is that the shades befit your skin tone. Plus the larger the number of shades we have the larger is our range of choice. Also, there is a greater variety in the skin tone as well from light to dark including several different shades amidst. So to narrow down your task of choosing which shade will suit what type of skin tone, we have listed here some shades of lipstick along with the type of skin tone they will suit well.

  1. The Classic Reds: The red never goes out of style. Just put on one stroke of this courageous colour and you are good to go as it suits all types of skin tone. This colour also adds a dramatic tone to your attire if you wanted one.
  2. The Sharp Mauve: If you are looking forward to portraying a charming and confident look together then this is the colour for you. Mauve equally suits both dusky as well as fair skin tone. It is great to use during winter as it renders a matte effect with a creamy texture.
  3. Cherish the Berries: A shade that makes a statement at night when no other shade comes to your rescue is the berry one. It goes well with the Indian skin tone and gives out fun appearance accompanied by serious sensuality.
  4. The Glorious Orange: Orange is without any doubt the most fun and peppy one. This is said to bring out the brighter side of you. This shade works well with multiple skin tone. It gives an edgy look and creamy texture.
  5. Intense Pink: Pink is no longer reserved for summer only. The vivid pigmentation of this shade portrays an unpredictable vivacious attire to the wearer. This long-lasting shade is a perfect one to wear for long hours.